Road Dogg

Triple H Posts Touching Tribute To Road Dogg For Anniversary

While Road Dogg Jesse James may never go down in history as one of WWE’s most talented Superstars and he may never be recognized on a list of Top Ten in-ring performers, tag team specialists, or influencers of the wrestling industry, there’s no denying he did have a tremendous impact on the business. At one time, Road Dogg was among wrestling’s most popular talents. The wise-talking yet talented loudmouth was instrumental during his time in the WWE and today, still works as part of the backstage crew, booking matches and walking new talents through their roles as they progress in their own careers.

And all this time, he’s been working very close to Triple H.

Having started in wrestling as part of the famed Armstrong family, he went largely unnoticed in WCW and made his way to WWE as the roadie for Jeff Jarrett. It wasn’t long before he broke out on his own and after first finding it difficult to transition, he teamed up with Billy Gunn to form the New Age Outlaws. It was this team that Triple H saw something in and deemed them worthy of joining Degeneration X.

Perhaps a controversial choice at the time, The New Age Outlaws proved to be a perfect choice and while DX went on to become a hugely popular group, Road Dogg was there wrestling and using the mic to describe every jab, insult and comedic moment.

Road Dogg did have his struggles. Issues with drugs and alcohol cost him time in the WWE and he wound up having a shorter career than most would have hoped. But, with the help of the WWE and guys like Triple H, he fought back and has become an important part of the WWE family once again. This time, he’s doing things behind the scenes.